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The dear friend! Thanks that you have come into our Internet shop.
Irrespective of in what purposes you have visited us: purchase or curiosity for the sake of, we are grateful for the shown interest.
Our shop is created for satisfaction of one of the most ancient passions of mankind: collecting (hobby) which version is the collecting of stamps.
We will try to satisfy requirements of a great number of collectors of stamps: from beginning fans to "bisons" and to provide with a necessary material.
Being professionals in the field of sports philately, we consider a collecting of stamps on Olympic Games and Football by priority directions of our activity that does not exclude material presence on other popular subjects.
Stamps of all countries on following subjects are widely presented: the Fauna, Space, Painting, Technics, Flora, etc. One of exclusive directions will be sale of versions of Russia and the USSR, that is those stamps which have typographical differences from the basic circulation. Presence of such copies will be an ornament of your collection and will favourably distinguish it from set of the similar. For a finding of such "distortions" it is necessary to see hundreds and thousand sheets of stamps, what not well ordinary . We plan to offer for sale and printing materials of the philatelists-enthusiasts finding such versions, and a non-standard philatelic material (albums, including for , cards, leaflets).
We guarantee to buyers the information on completeness of an offered material. If the stamp from a series the buyer will be informed on it is on sale.

The dear client, allow to make some explanatories about our shop:
1. We are responsible for a status of all offered material. Presence of labels and other features of concrete mark makes a reservation in the summary of a prize and is considered at pricing. We will consider any claims on quality, and at their validity we will make replacement or the refund. For an exception of occurrence of conflict situations, you can ask in advance questions on a prize.
2. All marks, except for novelties, will have under catalogue MICHEL that in our opinion is a guarantee of authenticity of the given release. Necessarily also the catalogue price also is underlined. In disputable and difficult cases we add and the prices under other catalogues (YVERT, CERES, DOMFIL, SELOS PALOP, LOLLINI and others, including specialised).
3. At occurrence of suspicions about authenticity of mark or its conformity with the release country, we guarantee marks: "falsity", ?, new affairs, a fantasy.
4. We undertake to send the bought material in a current of 5 working days after reception of 100 % of payment. SALE by the CASH ON DELIVERY is not made.
TERM of PAYMENT of the ORDER of 15 days.
5. The bought prizes go the certified mail (parcel post) under operating tariffs of Mail of Russia at the expense of the buyer (the simple certified mail 50 rbl. the Certified mail of the first class 100 ); sending large-sized and things makes a reservation separately. At will of the buyer other kinds and ways of delivery can be used. As agreed bought material can be transferred and paid at personal meeting in Moscow or St.-Petersburg.
6. At purchase OVER FIVE positions transfer is carried out at our expense. (The given condition operates only across Russia, to the CIS countries and the far abroad does not extend.)
7. For fulfilment of purchase it is necessary for you to be registered and activate your registration.
8. At registration specify the e-mail, the post address, the postal index, last and first name, phone. Without this data it will be impossible to send a material!
It is necessary for fast and qualitative sending of the goods bought by you.
9. ATTENTION! Registration of not activated buyers automatically is cancelled in 3 days!

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